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Edible Marijuana can bring on feelings of elation & erotic urges , some even will say that it makes you horny and increases your senses. The Beautiful people of L.A. love edible marijuana and THC Butter brownies & cookies, candy, tinchers, drops, chocolate bars, hubby bars, yummy brownies 420,

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Although so many people say that when you make brownies you HAVE to make cannabutter/weed oil, this is not entirely true. Although making weed butter definately works very well, there are other ways to make brownies. I just recently graduated from high school, and so up until a few months ago I was living with my parents, therefore cooking a batch of weed infused butter in the middle of my kitchen was not always the easiest task. First of all, cannabutter/oil DOES smell. It is also tricky to make perfectly, and I was always terrified that I would burn it. But i did make it sucessfully, and heres how i did it:

when making brownies, i usually used a boxed mix. If you want to go through the cannabutter trouble, get a brownie mix with oil in the recipie. grind weed finely. Grinders with out a doubt work the best, but if you dont have one around it is ok to break it up manually. I find that scissors help quite a bit if i dont have a grinder. since the weed is sticky and you have to break it up so finely to work for edibles, it is hard to do completely with your hands, i find myself ending up with half the weed dust stuck to my fingers rather than in a pile. cut it up finely, but be careful since weed tends to fly everywhere when being cut up with scissors. Measure out the amount of oil required in the recipe, add weed, and stir up until mixed. then add the mixture to a pan and put it on top of the stove on LOW HEAT. let sit until it appears to boil, brown, or smoke AT ALL. if you leave it on longer than that, it will burn! you do NOT want this to happen. let cool a bit then strain and add to brownie mixture.

Alternate method:

First of all, I want to make it clear that it is a complete myth that you HAVE to use cannabutter or weed infused oil. I’m sure people will argue with me about this, but before i had ever even heard of cannabutter I made perfectly working weed brownies. All you really have to do is add the weed to the brownie mixture. this isnt fancy, or anything like that, but it DOES work. Frankly, i am usually scared to strain out all the weed even after ive made weed infused oil for fear of loosing some of the precious THC even though i know that it is probably all extracted into the oil. When I make brownies I like to add around 6 grams or so. You can break up the weed as finely as possible then simply add it to the mix. Yes, there will be weed in your brownies, but you dont even notice it considering brownies are so thick anyway. Either way you make it, it is going to have the taste of weed wether there is weed IN the brownies or simply the essence of weed in the butter, it will taste like weed. And either way, you WILL get high. If you have the time and oppurtunity, go ahead and make the weed oil. if you don’t, just make it the low class way, you will still be high off your ass.


These are my favorite thing to make. With brownies, you have to make a huge batch and sometimes i find myself with left over, stale weed brownies that i have to force myself to eat considering what they contain. With firecrackers, you can make yourself a few whenever you want to! and you can decide exactly how much weed you ingest, for the high you want. I used to make these every day after school.

First of all: I want to be the person to tell everyone, firecrackers do not smell! some people will say they do. I have never experienced this. When it comes to the smell of weed versus the smell of peanut butter, the smell of peanut butter wins every time. Although you may faintly smell weed, it is not strong or noticible at all while you are cooking it. I used to bake them all the time with my dad sitting across the kitchen and he had no clue. I now bake them in my dorm kitchen. They do NOT smell strongly at all.

what you need:

-Peanut butter (Any kind works really. Some people say jiff dosnt work. I use jiff all the time and it works just fine. you dont need to be picky, you just need some freaking peanut butter. I always use smooth rather than chunky.)
-Tin foil
-Crackers (I always use ritz.)
-Baking sheet (sometimes if i couldnt find a baking sheet, i would just turn muffin tins upsidedown and bake them on the top of the overturned muffin cups.)
-a knife for spreading.
-WEED (the most important ingredient! 🙂 I used to buy a dime bag and use the whole thing for myself. So basically, i recommend using about .7 or so per person if and ONLY IF you are trying to get HIGH. depending on the weed/person, add more or less.)

How To:

-preheat over to 320 degrees (you can go a little higher or lower if you want but i recommend 320 since it is a good even not to high not to low temp for them to cook at)
-Break up the weed as finely as possible.
-For each firecracker you need two of the ritz crackers. When i make them and use a whole dime, i usually make two firecrackers so as not to overload them with weed so they cook evenly, extract all of the thc, and do not burn.
-spread peanut butter over one side of each ritz cracker. spread evenly, and NOT TO THICK OR TOO THIN. make it so that there is an even layer across whole cracker.
-sprinkle weed in the middle of peanut butter on every cracker. make it basically just one layer on each cracker, meaning do not put a mountain of weed on each one. all the weed should be able to touch the peanut butter.
-sandwich two together gently.
-patch up and seal around edges carefully with peanut butter so that there are no air patches and that no weed is exposed on the side.
-line baking sheet with tin foil and place crackers on it and then into the over.
-Baking time ALL depends on the oven. I could give you an exact time but that would be pretty stupid because it could be the entirely wrong time for your oven. At home, I would put them in for about 11 minutes, where as here i once had to bake them for 25. Eyeball it. Check on the firecrackers as if they were your babies.

When they are done the crackers should be toasty brown looking. they might look and smell a little burnt, thats ok. just dont let them get even close to dark brown. the peanut butter should look a little darker as well. it should have thickened and hardened a little bit, cementing (to an extent) the crackers together. remove from oven and place on rack to cool. this is the worst part since you are so anxious to eat them! but it is important, since while they are still piping hot, they are still extracting THC from the weed. They dont have to be stone cold, you can eat them when they are just barely warm.

From then, it usually takes me about half an hour to start feeling high. EDIBLES HIGH IS A LOT DIFFERENT FROM SMOKING HIGH. it is more of a body high. the first sign they are working is in your eyes, lights look more glowy, etc. Then gradually you start to realize that you are stoned. ive described how i feel from an edible high as a globe of light in my chest. its great. but also different. it is not for everyone, as it can be a more anxious/ freaked out high since it is so intense. The only time i was TOO high in my life was from firecrackers.

NOTE: some people say using Nutella works better. I completely disagree. I used to use nutella before i used peanut butter. It took a lot longer to kick in and the high wasnt as intense. I immeadiatly noticed the difference when i used peanut butter.

some people like the taste of firecrackers. I personally think they taste like shit. but they get the job done and thats all that matters to me.

I have tried making other weed snacks like weed ricecrispy treats (which did NOT work) and weed cupcakes (which tasted HORRIBLE and were practically unedible, although they did work quite well.)
I recommend sticking with good ol’ brownies and firecrackers.

Lastly, I have heard that you can make firecrackers in the microwave. I’m skepticle, but i’ll try it in the next few days and let you guys know since it would be pretty freaking handy.

Hope this helps! My hands are exhausted from typing it all out. Blaze on!

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